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Giardini Leather Conditioner

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Giardini Leather Dye Conditioner to safeguard leather surfaces from environmental elements while preserving the leather's softness and original features.

Leather Dye Conditioner should only be applied as a final coat and is suitable for all full grain leathers. You can apply it manually using a dauber, sponge, or soft cloth. Allow it to dry completely before considering reapplication.

It is suitable for use on natural leathers after coloring and finishing, as well as on already finished leather items such as bags, accessories, sofas, car interiors, etc., as part of periodic leather maintenance.

The application of Leather Dye Conditioner does not alter the leather's sheen level or softness; it maintains the leather's original appearance. While it won't change the leather's appearance, it creates a protective layer that ensures long-lasting preservation.

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