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Pelle Vegetale

Guarantee Consortium Swing Tags - Badalassi Carlo Pueblo (10 Pack)

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The Pelle Vegetale Guarantee Consortium Swing Tags certify the traceability of the origin, the proper execution of the tanning process, and the natural characteristics of vegetable-tanned leather produced by the tanneries associated with the consortium. Each certified label is printed using anti-counterfeiting techniques and includes a unique serial number. This number enables the consortium to identify, at any location worldwide, both the tannery that supplied the leather and the manufacturer of the product. Additionally, each label is accompanied by a guarantee seal—a natural cotton cord with an irreversible lock embossed with the consortium's logo. Furthermore, each label features a QR code.

Available for our leathers from tanneries Badalassi Carlo Pueblo in packs of 10.

Please note that we can only authorize your purchase of Swing Tags on the condition that you have bought Badalassi Carlo Pueblo leather.

Pack size:
- 10pcs

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