Which Payment Methods Are Available?

We accept credit cards and PayPal.
All credit cards transactions are processed throughusing 256-bit SSL encryption. Your credit card information is never stored.

Which currency am I buying in?

All of the prices on our website are in Euros (EUR, €), you'll pay in Euros.
Please note that all refunds are made in Euros (EUR, €) and are subject to exchange rates at the time of refund, not the time of purchase.

What If My Payment Fails?

it could be because of one of the following reasons:
• You need to check that your security code matches the number on the back of the card
• The billing address doesn't match the address registered to the debit or credit card

We would recommend using an alternative payment method such as PayPal, where you will also be able to register to pay using your debit or credit card.

Please note that when placing an order on our website the billing address should be the registered address for the debit or credit card used to pay at the checkout.

When you pay using PayPal it is impossible to ship to an alternative address different from the address registered to your PayPal account.