What is Pueblo leather ?

Pueblo leather originates from the Badalassi Carlo tannery located in San Miniato, Italy. San Miniato is renowned as the hub of the Tuscan leather district, known for its top-tier vegetable-tanned leather operations globally. Badalassi Carlo stands out as one of the premier producers, crafting some of the most exquisite and distinctive leathers for over four decades. The leather and techniques employed by Badalassi Carlo adhere to rigorous standards. These standards encompass the quality of the leather, the methods of production, and even extend to the ethical business practices of the tannery.

What is the finish of Pueblo leather ?

Pueblo leather boasts an almost suede-like, matte, stone-ground finish. It undergoes a tanning process using extracts of bark and is then liquored with animal fats inside wooden barrels. Subsequently, it is dyed with aniline (transparent) colorings, air-dried, and stone-polished. 

In contrast to most leathers tanned with plastic pigmentations, the use of aniline dyes preserves the natural characteristics of the leather, enhancing the unique features of each hide. This approach is distinctive because many tanneries, in pursuit of uniformity, employ much harsher processes to mask the individual nature of hides. Pueblo leather, however, embraces transparency; everything on the hide is presented to be appreciated both aesthetically and texturally.

What of goods is Pueblo Leather suitable for?

Pueblo Leather is suitable for a wide range of goods, including bags, wallets, shoes, leather accessories, small leather goods.