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Badalassi Carlo

Badalassi Carlo Minerva - Cognac

Colour: Cognac

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Badalassi Carlo Minerva is one of the most sought-after leathers in the world. It is produced in the world-famous Badalassi Carlo tannery in Italy. The Badalassi Carlo tannery is globally renowned for manufacturing some of the finest vegetable-tanned leathers.

Badalassi Carlo Minerva is a full-grain vegetable-tanned leather with a very smooth surface, resulting in a soft and matte finish that is rich in natural character and highly unique. This leather develops a beautiful patina over time and improves with age. It burnishes exceptionally well, resulting in those coveted glass-like edges.
The leather is also dyed through, ensuring a consistent color on the edges. This means there is no need for edge paint or dyeing, as the beautiful colors remain consistent throughout all edge work.

These leather hides come from the shoulders of the animal, resulting in the cleanest and highest yield of usable square footage. Unlike sides, these shoulder sections are less likely to have scars or insect bites.

Produced by Italian tannery Badalassi Carlo. A member of the Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana.

1.2-1.4mm ( 3-3.5 ounces ) is used for wallets, bags and smaller thinner goods.

Leather panel size:
- 0.5 sqft ( Rectangle ) / 15x31 cm / 6x12 inches
- 1 sqft ( Square ) / 30x31 cm / 12x12 inches
- 1 sqft ( Rectangle ) / 23x40 cm / 9x16 inches
- 2 sqft ( Square ) / 40x46 cm / 16x18 inches
- 2 sqft ( Rectangle ) / 30x62 cm / 12x24 inches

Leather half piece size:
- 1/4 Hide ~0.358 m2 / 3.85 sqft
- 1/2 Hide ~0.716 m2 / 7.7 sqft

Leather Type:
- Squared Shoulder

- Cognac

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With each order, we include "Pelle Vegetale Guarantee Consortium Swing Tags", based on the calculation of 1 pcs per 1 sqft.