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Fiebing's Cement Glue

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Leathercraft Cement Neutral from Fiebing's brand is a specialist glue for leather. This highly effective water-based glue has the particularity of drying quickly. In addition to gluing leather, this glue works for your paper, wood and fabric creations.
Before application make sure your leather is clean and dry. Subsequently, to ensure a perfect bond, you are free to sand your leather a little on the area where you have decided to apply the leathercraft cement.
For best results, put a thin layer of glue on the two surfaces of your leather to be glued together.
Press the two surfaces together while the glue is still wet, maintain pressure until the glue is dry. You can use a weight to maintain pressure.

118 ml bottle (with spout) or 946 ml bottl
Water soluble solution
Non-toxic and non-flammable
Origin USA
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