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Giardini Dense Edge Paint - Violet 14

Colour: Violet 14

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Dense Edge Paint looks like a very dense paint, with a very high viscosity. This is because the Dense Lather Edge Paint has a very high percentage of "dry part", equal to about 60% of the paint. This means that we are working with a very concentrated paint. This feature allows it to give the edge a great consistency from the first application.

MAXMATT Dense Edge Paint can be easily applied by hand using a Roller Dye Pen and can be finished using traditional methods such as brushing, sanding, or ironing once dried. Its extended shelf-life surpasses that of other water-based paints, making it the ideal choice for hobbyists or small leather crafters.

Once dried, Dense requires no further treatment, saving time and effort in your crafting process. It ensures a secure and long-lasting edge finish, catering to both professional and DIY enthusiasts alike.
Please let us know if you have any questions about our hardware! We would love to help!

Color: Violet

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