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Giardini Leather Gloss Finish

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Giardini Leather Gloss Finish is a special coating designed to be applied on leather surfaces to enhance their sheen level. This liquid finish has a neutral color and is ideal for full-grain natural leathers that have been colored with dye. It can also be used on finished leathers to increase their shine.

The Topcoat can be applied by hand using a cloth, sponge, or dauber, and it dries rapidly. Once dried, it can be brushed or polished with a soft cloth.

Leather Gloss Finish maintains the leather's softness and remains crack-free even several months after application, thanks to the elasticity of its resins.

The formulation includes stretchers, making it easy to apply without leaving unpleasant stripes, even when applied by hand. Additionally, its low viscosity allows for spray application, which is recommended for covering large surfaces.

Although it is a water-based product, the drying time is remarkably quick (around 10 minutes, depending on the room temperature). Once completely dry, the product can be reapplied or further polished with a soft cloth or sponge. The mechanical action of polishing aids in sealing the lacquer layer, which melts into the leather pores, resulting in an increased sheen level due to the heat generated during rubbing.
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