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Olfa SVR-2 9mm Stainless Steel Auto-Lock Knife

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The OLFA 9mm SVR-2 Stainless Steel Auto-Lock Knife represents a new level in precise cutting.

The SVR-2 knife delivers the high performance you expect from OLFA blades with the ultimate in function. It is designed for use in wet environments, resisting rust and damage from chemicals. The built-in pocket clip can also be used to snap the blade to any desired length. The stainless-steel body maintains the blade for complete control on detailed or delicate cuts.

This knife comes pre-loaded with a 9mm ABS Precision Stainless Steel Snap-Off Blade for immediate use. Each blade features (13) snap segments for ample cutting before needing to change the blade. When a segment is dull, easily snap and continue working.

When you require a full blade, the blade exchange is fast and tool-free. Remove the clip, slide the used blade from the back end of the tool, insert a new blade, and return to work.
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