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Fil au Chinois

Fil au Chinois Waxed Linen Thread #632 (0.51mm) "Lin Cable" Made in France

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Fil Au Chinois Lin Câblé is a waxed cable linen thread for leatherwork. It is widely considered to be one of the best linen threads on the market and is used by many luxury fashion houses. Cabled linen is considered to be the best thread to work with by many leather makers. Because the Linen Cabled thread is so strong and resistant to abrasion, it is the best choice of thread for many traditional and modern crafts. Threads are waxed, which means they go through a starch and beeswax bath, making the thread smooth and easy sliding, and at the same time relatively stiff.

- N°632 - (∅ 0,51 mm)
- Presented on big 50g spools - 285 metres approx.
- Beige coloured plastic spools: height 5.5 cm - Ø 4,3 cm.

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