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Giardini Exotic Leather Special Dye - Fiesta 11

Colour: Fiesta 11

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Giardini Exotic Leather Special Dye creates a two-tone effect on natural exotic leather or natural embossed leather. What makes this leather dye special is that it achieves the two-tone effect with just one paint.

To apply the Exotic Leather Special Dye, you can use a soft cloth, sponge, or dauber. Once applied, let it dry for approximately 5-10 minutes, depending on the environmental conditions. After this drying phase, the leather will appear colored in the darker tone. Next, take a clean cloth or brush and remove some of the darker color, revealing the lighter tone that has penetrated the leather. The result is a two-tone effect that follows the texture of the exotic or embossed leather, with the darker tone remaining in the hollows and the lighter tone on the surface.

Similar to the entire MAXCRAFT range, the special dye for exotic leather uses water-based technology, making it environmentally sustainable and free of strong odors. This leather dye is available in 20 two-tone effects and is ready for use.

Color: Fiesta

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